Under CC0

(no rights reserved)



A spawling infinte Dungeon Crawler world, randomized, generated and stored on-chain

One World

Chambers are connected with each other, accessible to every player


Explore every corner from the Atlas
Enter the game from your FREE minted Chambers


Chapter 1 is a minimal functioning dungeon crawler
containing the layout and base entities


Each new Chapter
brings new
ERC-1155 Game Cards
that evolve and
the game

Public Domain

Published as CC0
and on-chain,
anyone can access it anytime, forever
Build something completely new!



Add compatible NFTs
to your Deck to
create Mashups
Bind them to your Chambers permanent for every player

blitmap #730


Initially selected collections
Later requested and voted by the community
(CC0 preferred)

terraform #9441
mashed w/ enterdream


It will be proposed to add Endless Crawler as a new level in the Lootverse, enabling access to and from other Loot spaces, assets and Lore

lil noun #6202
crypts and caverns #6949


On-chain public Profile including
your Class,
name and PFP


Every Chamber comes with some Treasures, tradeable, managed by your Profile


What is Endless Crawler?

An infinite collection of Dungeon Crawler Maps, fully generated and stored on-chain as NFTs, by Ethereum Smart Contracts.

The game will be released episodically, being Chapter 1 the most basic, minimal functioning dungeon crawler possible.

It's all about Composability

Game Cards will upgrade, enhance and evolve the game. The way you build your Deck can create completely different experiences.

Players can create an optional on-chain profile, choosing owned tokens as Avatar to be used in-game.

What else do I get?

Chambers got treasures!

One Gem and one Coin Bag, randomized, of varying value. Your profile keeps track of your stash and balances, in sync with your Chambers.

Minting is like mining, enriching your stash.

Is it Loot?

Yes! Endless Crawler is proposed as a new unexplored space in the Lootverse.

Tokens and characters from the Loot Lore could be used as game cards, customizing the space.

Endless as in Infinite?

Infinite. If scaled, the total span of the map could reach 1,180,591,620,717,411,303 km (1021m), the size of a big galaxy.

Eternal. Generated and stored on-chain, burn-proof Chambers will live eternally on the Ethereum blockchain.

Without end. Tick... Tock...


Can the maps be reused or remixed?

Chambers minted on Endless Crawler can be seen as building blocks for any game. Endless Crawler starts fantasy-oriented, with dungeons, castles, temples and knights. But due to its on-chain nature, Chambers can be loaded as levels on any game connected to the blockchain.

Why not sci-fi? Platformer? Puzzle? Maze? Pac-man? Murder mystery?

Same architecture, infinite possibilities.

Why release it as CC0?

As an evolution mechanism, enabling all above without any barriers between the game content and creators.

Under CC0 (no rights reserved), the creator is giving up their copyright and allowing reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, even for commercial purposes.

This sounds very DAO-ish...

Sure it does!


How can I play?

To enter the game, Players just need to mint a FREE Chamber.

Chambers are your Doorways, entry points to the game. From there Players can crawl freely through every other Chamber.

If you find a locked door, you've reached an empty Chamber. Mint it to continue exploring.

How much does it cost?

The game is completely FREE to play.

Your first Chamber is FREE to mint (pay only gas).

Minting in-game (unlocking doors), is also FREE (pay only gas).

There's also a shortcut to mint random or specific Chambers, from the game Atlas, with a small cost to enforce playing the game. This price is set manually and can be adjusted at any time, to avoid over-minting.

Can I buy / sell / trade Chambers?

Of course! Endless Crawler Chambers adhere to the ERC-721 standard and can be traded normally on NFT marketplaces, just like any other NFT. We will ask for a 5% creator's fee on all markets.

Gems and coin bags go along with the Chamber and are automatically transferred to the new owner.

Wen reveal?

Chapter 1 is targeted for December 2022.

New Chapters come at their own time.


Can I get involved?

There are so many possibilities and paths that we can explore, our minds are melting! Help us shape and plan the way ahead.

We also heavily encourage community projects and modding.

Meet later at Discord...

How can I send my love to you?

By purchasing one of the limited edition Founder Cards! We are in advanced stages of development, but we still need some time to finish it properly.

In return, they will give free access to core Game Cards and special classes.


The game is FREE to play and will always be free.
If you believe in this project, please consider
purchasing a Founder or Crawler token.
Founders have lifetime access to all native cards.

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Founder Edition

Champion class
Free Game Cards
16 Tokens


Founder Edition

Hero class
Free Game Cards
256 Tokens


1st Edition

Crawler class
1000 Tokens







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